Traditional Japanese Confectionery

SAKURAYA is one of makers of
Japanese confectionery in New York.

Traditional Japanese sweets are called wa-gashi
in Japanese, and western-style sweets are called yo-gashi.
Common ingredients for wa-gashi are rice flour,
azuki (red beans), and sugar.
Butter and milk are rarely used in wa-gashi cooking,
so wa-gashi tends to be lower in fat than yo-gashi.
Wa-gashi can be very sweet, so it goes well with strong green tea.

Anko (sweet red beans) is a typical ingredient in wa-gashi.
It is used as filling for manju (steamed cake).
Also, anko can be eaten with mochi (rice cake), such as Daifuku (sweet rice cake).

You can try traditional Japanese sweets at SAKURAYA online shop.
Fuwafuwa Daifuku (sweet rice cake)
Miyako Mochi (sweet rice cake with soy powder)
Strawberry Milk Daifuku (sweet rice cake with strawberry flaver)